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Contact is one of New Zealand’s largest electricity generators and energy retailers. We keep the lights burning, the hot water flowing and the BBQ fired up for over 560,000 customers across the country. Our power stations generate around 25 per cent of New Zealand’s electricity, we are one of the country’s largest wholesalers and retailers of natural gas, and we have around 47 per cent of the LPG market in New Zealand.

GNS Science is New Zealand’s leading provider of earth and geoscience research and consultancy services. Established as a Crown Research Institute in 1992. GNS Science operates as a company with a Board of Directors, with shares held by the New Zealand Government.

GNS Science focuses on understanding earth system processes and its resources, and translating these into economic and social benefits. These phenomena include geothermal and hydrocarbon resources; geological processes; earthquake, volcano, landslide and tsunamis hazard assessments’ climate change’ and geophysical sciences.

GNS Science clients include Government agencies; the World Bank; Asian Development Bank; geothermal and hydroelectricity operators, oil and gas exploration companies; regulatory authorities; mineral industries; engineering consultancies and other commercial entities.

Mercury is primarily a generator and retailer of electricity, focussed on meeting the energy needs of New Zealanders. Our mission is Energy Freedom for all New Zealanders. This is about Aotearoa New Zealand being stronger economically and more sustainable through better use of homegrown, renewable energy.

We generate electricity from 100% renewable sources: hydro, geothermal and soon, wind, at our wind farm at Turitea, Manawatu. In 2021, Mercury announced it will acquire all of Tilt’s New Zealand operations, including development options, subject to relevant approvals.

Our retail operations serve residential, commercial (small and medium sized businesses), industrial and spot market customers. We also offer prepay electricity through our GLOBUG brand. We manage a small number of subsidiary enterprises such as Mercury Drive (an exploratory electric vehicle by subscription service).

We support our people to be high performers through a commitment to wellbeing, inclusion and development. Our mission of Energy Freedom is pursued in many ways, including through the electrification of transport, which we see as New Zealand’s greatest opportunity for reducing carbon emissions. We encourage the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and electric bikes (e.bikes) and partnering on non-home charging infrastructure and data. Our purpose is to inspire New Zealanders to enjoy energy in more wonderful ways. We do this by championing e.transport, providing offers to our loyal customers and innovating with digital solutions to make interactions with us easy and rewarding.

Top Energy is the local electricity generation and lines network company which supplies 30,000 electricity consumers in the Mid and Far North of New Zealand’s North Island. Now with a capacity of 25MW, the Ngawha Power Station’s output is fed into Top Energy’s network and then connected to the National Grid.

The Tuaropaki geothermal power station currently produces 113 MW of electricity which is delivered via a 22 km connection line to the National Grid at the Transpower Whakamaru substation.

Ensuring that we manage our geothermal resource in a sustainable and responsible manner is critical to our business. Extensive monitoring, analysis and research of the Mokai geothermal resource underlie Tuaropaki’s commitment to better understanding of the extent and dynamics of this valuable resource. Comprehensive modelling informs our management decisions and will guide decisions about the potential of expanding the Mokai plant in the future.

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Contract Resources provide plant wide maintenance packages.

The Contract Resources teams can perform all general and specialised maintenance services site wide.

Ngati Tuwharetoa Geothermal Assets is a wholesale Steam and Brine Supply Business currently supplying a mix of industrial customers in Kawerau.

Our steam is currently used in the production of:

  • Newsprint, all of New Zealand’s Newsprint is dried using only geothermal steam
  • Dried Timber, 2 International scale sawmills use geothermal for their timber drying
  • Kraft Pulp, our steam is used along with Bio Fuel in the production of Kraft pulp in Kawerau
  • Tissue Products, Tissues, Handy Towels and Toilet paper, dried using clean food grade steam created by heating clean water with geothermal steam
  • Electricity, our steam is used to generate approx. 30 Megawatts of electricity, enough for over 20,000 homes worth.
  • Future Opportunities

We hold environmental permits (Consents) to double our production from the Kawerau field. We are looking for new customers. We can provide a complete steam and brine supply service including:

  • Geothermal Steam Supply to the customers door, from 5 to 15 Bar
  • Geothermal Brine Supply to the customers door, from 100 to 150 degrees C
    Clean Steam Supply to the customers door, from 5 to 15 Bar
  • Condensate Collection and Re-Injection
  • Brine Re-injection

Using geothermal steam and brine for process heat and electricity generation is a permitted activity within the Kawerau District. Kawerau is an ideal location for Industrial processes due to:

  • The presence of existing large Industrial businesses which has created strong support services, e.g heavy engineering, spares supplies,
  • Located on a Rail line, only 100km from New Zealand’s largest deep water port (Tauranga)
  • Located on the Off Highway forestry road network that connects to over 200,000 hectares of sustainably managed plantation forest.
  • Available flat land zoned for Industrial use
  • Many Industrial activities already deemed to be permitted activities

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