Geoheat Strategy For Aotearoa NZ, 2017-2030

Strategy implementation is well underway. Actions that are a focus for 2020 and 2021 are identified in the Action Plan.

Why geothermal direct use?

In New Zealand, direct geothermal is used in timber industries, food processing, agriculture, aquaculture, heating, tourism, and health and balneology.

Currently there is about 8 PJ/y of energy in direct geothermal heat use applications.


  • The demonstrated technological, economic and environmental benefits of direct geothermal use.
  • That we have geothermal resources with significant untapped heat potential that can be used to:
    • supply new and existing businesses with heat;
    • attract industries to take advantage of New Zealand’s geothermal assets with the flow on environmental benefits;
    • create employment in the ventures that use the geothermal energy and business that service the ventures

NZGA believes that there is potential for a significant increase in Geothermal Direct Use.

Why a Strategy?

Action associated with the Geoheat Strategy seeks to unlock potential, capitalise on interest in renewable energy, assist in coordinating effort and resources of both industry and the government in increasing direct geothermal energy utilisation and associated jobs and employment.

Achieving the goals of the Geoheat Strategy will assist in meeting New Zealand’s energy needs from renewable sources, contribute to economic and social development in regional New Zealand, and further increase renewable and clean energy use which will assist in meeting our 2030 greenhouse gas reduction commitments.



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