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Geothermal Project Management Short Course 2023

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The Geothermal Institute has recently held its first of three 2023 Geothermal Project Management (GPM) courses, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT's) Manaaki New Zealand scholarship fund and Jacobs New Zealand. NZGA caught up with John O'Sullivan, co-director of the Geothermal Institute, to give us more insight into the initiative:

Last month, the Geothermal Institute welcomed the first of three groups of international delegates to New Zealand for the 2023 Geothermal Project Management (GPM) Short Course. The geothermal energy professionals from Indonesia and the Philippines who attended this course brought a diverse range of professional backgrounds, including roles at independent power producers, regulatory bodies, power distributors, and academic institutions.

The GPM course is an intensive month-long program that teaches the fundamentals of project management and how they apply to the development of geothermal resources. It is run by the Geothermal Institute in collaboration with Jacobs and independent industry experts and funded by MFAT through the Manaaki New Zealand scholarship fund. During this course, New Zealand’s industry experts taught scholars how to take a geothermal project from the exploration stage through power plant construction to the sale of electricity. The course also provided the opportunity for attendees to engage with fellow participants and instructors to build and strengthen networks within the geothermal community at home and internationally.

Scholars learnt more about New Zealand’s geothermal resources during the field trip, which included visits to Te Mihi Power Station and the Tenon Clearwood Sawmill. The Geothermal Institute is very grateful to the individuals at Contant Energy and Tenon Clearwood who shared their time and knowledge during these site visits. The field trip also introduced delegates to indigenous views on geothermal in New Zealand through visits to Wai-O-Tapu and a pōwhiri and oral history from Snow Rameka and the Haka Shop whānau.

The GPM courses are a fantastic opportunity for New Zealand to play its part in the global transition to sustainable energies and highlight the Geothermal Institute’s commitment to fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange. Planning is already underway for the next two GPM short courses. In February 2024, we look forward to welcoming a delegation from East Africa, followed by a second group from Indonesia and the Philippines in March 2024.

The Geothermal Institute wishes to thank the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) for their continued support of the GPM program through the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship fund. Further thanks are extended to all those involved with making the GPM courses a success, including Skills Consulting, Contact Energy, Tenon Clearwood, Jacobs New Zealand, the Haka Shop, and the other industry experts who have graciously shared their time and knowledge.

~ John O'Sullivan, Geothermal Institute co-director



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